The online marketing system seems to be feeding itself on rookies like me who are offering themselves willingly into a massive, dark sea of obscurity.”

 Quote from a small business owner

“My goal is to help you avoid this experience and harness the power of digital marketing to increase your online presence, cultivate loyalty, win new clients and increase revenue.”  

 Lucille Fisher, Owner of Sage and Savvy Marketing

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Sage and Savvy Marketing demystifies online marketing for the business owner or sole proprietor seeking a better understanding of this every changing and powerful marketing opportunity.

Your online marketing includes social media marketing and effective online advertising but extends to your overall online presence including your brand, business listings, search engine optimization, and consideration of analytics. To bring it all together requires strategic decision making.  Online marketing can be complicated but we can help you identify what works for your business and your specific marketing goals.

Sage and Savvy Marketing is proud to note that it specializes in working with baby boomers and those over the age of 40.   Not a digital native, call us.

Let us be your outsourced online marketing department.


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