New Portrait smile 2014 resizedAbout Lucille Fisher:

Convinced that social media and online marketing assistance could benefit baby boomer owned businesses, Lucille Fisher saw a need and created her own business: “Sage and Savvy Marketing.” Her tag line is “The Bridge to the Social Media and Digital World.” Over the past five years, she has enjoyed building her business while helping her baby boomer business peers strengthen their visibility online.

As a trained marketer with an M.B.A. from Northeastern University, Lucille offers a range of social media /online marketing services for her clients from conducting complete marketing assessments to managing their online presence. She has found that a common mistake her baby boomer clients make is buying into packaged social media marketing solutions that either do not meet their needs or are not used to their full potential. She has helped save her clients’ money by providing insight in these marketing investments.

About Sage and Savvy Marketing: 

Sage and Savvy Marketing is a marketing consulting firm offering services to business owners in the areas of:

Marketing strategy


Social media

 Complete marketing assessments 

Social media management

Facebook Advertising

Website Development

Training and workshops

Here are a few of the ways:

  • We can assess your current online marketing presence and advise which strategies will be most effective, based on your target market and marketing goals, to rock it. 
  • We can teach you with patience and clear instruction how to navigate social media networks.
  • We can save you time and administer your social media marketing for you.
  • We can save you money by identifying prepackaged marketing programs that are not working for your business or are underutilized.