Answers to Your Social Media Questions

social-media-questions-1024x709I have been invited to participate in this social media roundtable discussion with other online professionals.  Join us!  Link to register: It will be a very informative morning.

On Wednesday, August 27th beginning at 8:30 AM, Tricia White, VP of Creative Marketing for Fun Enterprises, will be facilitating a roundtable discussion on Social Media Marketing at HarborOneU, 131 Copeland Drive in Mansfield. This will be a great time for you to gather all your questions about social media marketing and ask some amazing experts to weigh in.

Her panel guests will be:

1. Erin Sweeney – Owner of Erin Sweeney Design. She is a graphic and WordPress website designer. She is experienced in website design and implementation, visual design, business branding, search engine optimization and social networking.
2. Lucille Fisher – Owner of Sage and Savvy Marketing. Lucille is a marketing strategist who helps businesses improve their social media footprint. She also helps companies work through software programs that can better integrate business processes with marketing.
3. Susan Barron Finn – Owner of Susan Finn Online  and Founder of the Women’s Business Network. Susan is a social media specialist who works with small businesses to better improve their social media reach as well as data base systems and e-mail marketing. She helps companies improve their brand on line.
4. Tammi Jacobsen – Owner of Tammi Jacobsen.  She is a seasoned social media expert who teaches businesses strategies for social media marketing. She is a passionate blogger who works with companies on strategies as well as time management.

We will cover topics from branding and web design to social media networks, strategies, tools and search. Start looking through your marketing strategies and identify pain points. We want you to leave with answered questions and strategies for improvement.

Link to register:

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