Social Media Marketing for the Baby Boom Generation

Help!  I need to start marketing my business on social media but I don’t know how?

SM PuzzleOver the past months, I have learned there are a lot of baby boomers who own businesses and want to understand social media marketing.  Furthermore, they welcome someone their own age guiding them through the process.

I have enjoyed working with my peers in a variety of industries:  retail, insurance, real estate, medical, etc.  I have even been called upon by anxious mothers who want to make sure their teenagers are as safe as possible on social media.  It’s all in the privacy settings.

It is a great feeling to know that the instruction I provide on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest is so appreciated.  I have sat with smart, successful professionals who just needed coaching on which platforms would work best for them and then patient guidance as to how to optimize these platforms. 

Social/digital media changes with every passing day.  My peers are busy people so I keep up to date for them.  I follow every social media guru. I read about social media.  I watch social media webinars, I attend social media conferences.  I am also able to provide advice on traditional marketing strategies.  After all, the best marketing strategy involves both social media and traditional methods. 

So I continue to welcome my over forty peers who need a little assistance getting comfortable with the inherent power of social media marketing. For me, I feel fortunate every day to being doing work I am passionate about!

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