The Fear of Integrating Social Media into Small Business

frustrated business womanI decided to start Sage and Savvy Marketing upon the urging of my friends who are small business owners and sole proprietors.  As I shared with them my growing excitement and knowledge of social media, they asked me to teach them.  A few of them were hesitant and skeptical.  The concepts were foreign and intimidating. We are, after all, of an age that we did not grow up with a smartphone in our hand.  It became very clear to me that there is a void that I could help to fill.  Those of us in middle age want to learn about the benefits of social media and how to leverage it but it is hard to learn from young people who always had the internet and are unafraid to experiment with new technology.  My experience with my own children who are 21 and 24 now was that they would quickly go over the steps and then say “got it”.  When I did not “get it” they would look at me like I had no sign of intelligent life. “Come on”, I would say to them, “I have an MBA so I have to be able to do this.”  My assertion was all well and good but they were not going to take the time to teach me.  Thus, I had my “Ah Ha” moment.  Social media is here to stay so as business owners we need to understand its power. I decided to learn everything I could about the different social media platforms and then teach it to people my age who want to learn.   I can teach the concepts with clear instruction and patience.   What amazes me it that for most of my young life, I wanted to be a teacher.  It’s interesting how life comes around.

This is how I can help you …

  • Assess your current marketing plan and advise which social media platforms would be most effective based on your target market and marketing goals.
  • Teach you with patience and clear instruction how to navigate a particular social media platform of your choice.
  • Administer your social media marketing for you and save you time.

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