About Sage and Savvy Marketing

Lucille Fisher is the strategic lead for the marketing team you need. Our professional partners include web designers, graphic artists, videographers, web quality photographers, and social media experts.

What's with the Owl?

Owls represent wisdom, clarity of vision, and keen observation. They can turn their heads to see from many difference perspectives. These are the qualities that Sage and Savvy Marketing delivers to you.

Need Guidance?

Let Sage and Savvy creates a marketing roadmap for you.

We provide clarity and a strategic plan for business owners by revealing where you stand in the marketing puzzle, specifically what pieces are missing. Our guidance results in your ability to make the best online marketing decisions for your company.

The evolution of Sage and Savvy Marketing

Lucille Fisher started Sage and Savvy Marketing in 2011 to help her peers (over 40) rock the online marketing world. Over the last nine years she has amassed a team of marketing professionals that complement her skills. These team members allow Sage and Savvy to offer the full agency experience. Check out these Happy Clients. It has also become apparent that serving people and businesses who are trying to make a positive difference in the world gives her the most joy. If you are a social responsible business owner, let’s talk about how Sage and Savvy can help you shine.

Lucille is a patient and shrewd guide who makes sure that her clients’ marketing efforts produce visibility, loyalty, engagement and increased revenue.

Lucille is a trained marketer with an M.B.A. from Northeastern University and has extensive prior experience in the private and non-profit sectors. Her team of marketing professionals offer a range of social media/online marketing services.

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