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Helping you achieve your big purpose through marketing.  Here are some ways we can help.


Of Customers Will Research a Business Online before Contacting Them

Your Marketing Roadmap

Our comprehensive marketing analysis is our premier product offering. It takes away the guessing game and gives you a clear and actionable plan.

How do we do this?  We dig deep into your current online presence and provide strategic recommendations. You receive a comprehensive marketing assessment which includes a review of your branding, website, social media platforms, and business listings.

Read how one of our client’s used our services to guide her through a total re-branding of her established company, here.

It only takes consumers 10 SECONDS to form a first impression of a brand’s logo

Branding and Logo

Branding gives your clients/consumers a sense of who and what you are. A strong brand:

  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Lets people know what to expect from your company
  • Provides motivation and direction for your staff
  • Represents you and your promise to your customer
  • Connects with your customer on an emotional level
  • Helps you stay focused on your mission and vision

Our branding experts ensure you are communicating your brand story through your logo, tagline, and color choices.


Of the internet is powered by WordPress

WordPress Website Development

Your website is the face of your company. Statistics show that more and more people are viewing websites from mobile devices and your website has to look good on these small screens. We make sure that your site is mobile friendly and looks fantastic no matter what device is being used to view your site.  Our attention to the best website practices assures that your website stays true to your brand and is secure.

WordPress Maintenance

We offer website maintenance services to keep your website up to date. We keep your site fully functioning, as well as load or update content for you.


Of Marketers Use Facebook Advertising Regularly

Targeted Advertising

We can help you create and leverage targeted advertising audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook was the first social media platform to create a powerful advertising tool which allows users to super target your audience by identifying a number of differentials including age and gender, behaviors, interests, location, and income. Understanding this advertising platform and available analytics are essential in order to create successful ads.

Of course, the success of ads depends on where you audience is.  We pay attention to this and can use the same targeting techniques on other platforms such as Instagram.

Some noteworthy facts:

  • 69% if all adults in the us use Facebook (Pew Research Center)
  • 93% of all social media marketers use paid Facebook ads and 73% use Instagram.  (Social Media Examiner)
Lucille patiently suggested a few ideas about investing time in ‘creating a target audience’, ‘creating a campaign across platforms instead of throwing money at ads here and there’, and a few more valuable tips. The result? My revised DIY efforts across Google, FB and (now Instagram) have led from a marginal return (1x to 2x) to an almost 5x ROI on ad campaign investment. Incredible. 
Kumud Ajmani

Aerospace Engineer

Social Media Marketing

We set up and optimize business social media accounts on the social media platforms where your target market is active. You don’t need to be everywhere. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest, we understand the specific demographics of each social media platform and will advise you where your business presence can get the biggest return on your investment of time and money.

    Your Other Digital Marketing Projects

    As a full-service digital marketing agency, Sage & Savvy Marketing’s expertise isn’t limited to the above packages. Please ask us about other services such as email marketing, professional business videos, optimizing your social media channels, and professional photography.

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