Facebook Advertising: Boosted Posts vs Managed Ads

Facebook has the most sophisticated and advanced advertising platform on social media. With over two billion users worldwide, they have collected a powerful database of information about their users which allows advertisers to target ads to their ideal audience.  By...

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Quick Facebook Visibility Tip

How to Ensure Your Facebook Followers See Your Content You probably know or have heard how hard it is to get organic reach for your Facebook Business Page feed.  I've talked about it several times on past Facebook LIVE broadcasts. Here is a valuable tip on how to the...

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Confused about online Marketing?

I understand. Here is the why behind Sage and Savvy Marketing. I started Sage and Savvy Marketing six years ago at the urging of my friends who are small business owners. As someone who received an M.B.A. in marketing in the eighties, I realized marketing practices...

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