Over the last six years I have been transforming my clients’ online image by developing effective digital strategies.  I am a problem solver and I I love every minute of it. That said, I have been the proverbial shoemaker- repairing my customers shoes (online presence) so they look beautiful but walking around with holes in mine.

When a business owner is dedicated and deep in their own work of serving client/customers, they sometimes forget that attention to their marketing is critical. Even when that business owner is an experienced marketing consultant.  I think it goes to the deeper issue of promoting yourself.  It is so much easier to promote others. The holes in my own marketing affects my ability to continue to attract high quality clients who value my skills and are committed to improving their online presence within a collaborative process.  Aren’t we all trying to attract the right client/customer?

Luckily, at the end of last year, I attended Ramon Ray’s Smart Hustle conference in New York City featuring Seth Godin.  I happened to sit next to an executive coach. His name was Dennis, and we chatted about why we had come to the conference. He invited me to give him a call a week later. 

Everyone needs a fresh set of eyes to look at a problem.  I provide this for my clients.  I look at their marketing problems with a new perspective that results in a solution.  Dennis provided this for me.  He made two very important observations.

  1. Since my clients are other businesses not end users, I needed to have a greater presence on the premier professional business network LinkedIn.   I needed to share my wins and experiences that would resonate with my target audience. ( Over the years, I have worked with many  other B2B organizations  and showed them how to master LinkedIn’s deep resources and attract more clients.)
  2. MY online “voice” was hard to discern. I needed to write more blog posts and share my digital marketing wisdom with the world. ( I write blog articles for my clients or encourage them to write their own.)

What I found most helpful was that he told me to write a post every week for three months.  Three months is so doable.  It is also probably the right amount of time to create a habit.

So I begin.  Please keep an eye out for my weekly blog articles in  which I will cover my experiences as a digital marketer for business owners over 50.  I  promise to make it interesting and share what I have learned and continue to learn by doing what I love – help business owners over 50 create success through effective digital marketing.

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