You just started a new business or perhaps you have owned your business for decades. Maybe you are just entering the business world as your “second act”. Whatever the case, what you know of marketing was done through newspaper ads, radio spots, direct mail, pamphlets, and word of mouth.  You are painfully aware that those days are gone. As marketing guru Seth Godin says, “You can’t buy attention anymore.” You realize the importance of a good online/digital presence. The problem is you are not one hundred percent sure how to build one. 

You know I get it. I am not a millennial either. We didn’t grow up with a computer in our hands, aka a mobile phone.  All this digital stuff is daunting or so it seems.  When you began your business, you had to have a good product or service, know who wanted it, and why you were the best answer to your customer’s needs.  You knew that building relationships were key to your success.  All of that is still true, there are just new ways to build relationships and get the word out.  Everything changes.

You may have attempted to build your presence online.  Maybe you hired your nephew to create a Facebook page for you or get you on LinkedIn, maybe create an Instagram account.  You may even have hired one of the hundreds (exaggeration) of ubiquitous marketing companies who have contacted you to build you an inexpensive website and promised to take care of your social media for you.  However, you still wonder if it’s working for you.  You pay the monthly bill but are you getting a return on your investment?  What do all those marketing analytic terms mean (reach, impressions, CTR, CPC)  or perhaps you wonder what the heck does an analytic report for your online marketing even look like?  What is your competition doing? Are they schooling you online and wooing your customers?  You are far too busy to seek answers to all of these questions.

For your peace of mind, you may want to invest in a marketing assessment from a trusted professional who speaks your language. Someone like me for instance. My business IS digital marketing – helping business owners like you attract the customers they want online. I keep up with the current trends in digital marketing so that you don’t have to.  Here is what one of my clients, Sue Falcone, CEO of Remarkable Speakers Bureau said about the value of my marketing assessment service: 

“Lucille gave me everything I needed and more…I credit Lucille and her team for helping me double my business in 2018.”

 Here are three reasons you may want to consider getting a marketing assessment done for you.

  1. Confidence in knowing you are doing it right. There are so many social media platforms out there.  Are you on the ones that are best for your business?  Every platform has its own demographics and quirks.   Is the right content being posted on the right platform to reach your customers and your potential customers?  The end game, after all, is more sales.
  2. You can rest knowing that your website represents you in the best possible way. If it isn’t, you need to know that too.  Is your branding outdated?  Is your website mobile responsive?  I have seen many websites that are poorly presented, the branding is off, and the content is lacking, never mind the search engine optimization.  Your website is your calling card on line.  It must represent you well.
  3. Return on Investment. Are you using all the capability of the marketing program you purchased?  Are there other things you could be doing that would work better? You may find that you end up saving money by eliminating processes that aren’t performing the way you intended.

My marketing assessments are comprehensive and review all aspects of your marketing.  I love digging in and doing the hard work so you can feel good about your marketing efforts.  Even if you choose to do nothing with the results right away, a marketing assessment will tell you what is working and what needs to change. You will have a plan.  What is confidence in your marketing, peace of mind, and return on investment worth to you?

Lucille Fisher started Sage and Savvy Marketing in 2011 to help her peers rock the online marketing world. She is a patient and shrewd guide who makes sure that her clients’ digital marketing efforts produce loyalty, engagement and increased revenue.

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