After nine years of guiding business owners from diverse industries how to improve their marketing, I have decided to pivot and narrow the focus for Sage and Savvy Marketing.

We will still provide strategic marketing, website development, logo design, social media marketing and all the core marketing services a client may need. That will not change. 

As the outside world has become more challenging with the pandemic, the continuing struggle with racism, and the need to compassionately take care of our beautiful planet and its people, there is a deep calling in me to use my company to support those business that are consciously doing good in the world.  The people behind these businesses have dreams for a better world and are putting their money where their heart is. 

Over the few years, Sage and Savvy Marketing’s team has been fortunate to work with several clients like this:

Your Aha Life – Dr. Tonya Harris Cornileus is committed to help people find more joy, more purpose, and more fulfillment in their life.

Terri Klass Consulting– Terri is compassionately helping to build a pipeline of leaders to meet the future.

Kim Barthel and Relationship Matters – Kim and her team are supporting the conscious evolution of the human spirit through courses, webinars, and speaking engagements.

The Butterfly Tree Boutique and Gift Show – Local business owner, Maria Piedra, offers products for sale online and at her brick and mortar store that are made in the USA and ecofriendly.

Not surprising the owners of these business are compassionate and fun to work with.  They made me think about how it would feel to help more companies with a big purpose.

My skill and the skills of my marketing partners is to increase the visibility and viability of a business and help it thrive.  I choose to help business owners with a big purpose shine as bright as possible.

Therefore, Sage and Savvy Marketing will be focusing on continuing to attract clients who want to do good in the world.  If you are one of these businesses, we want to partner with you and put our efforts into your hopes and dreams.  Let us do good together.

 A quote from Mary Oliver that my client Tonya Harris Cornileus, founder of Your Aha Life often quotes,

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

We choose to help market people and organizations who are bringing light to the world. If that is you, contact us for a free consultation!

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