I understand.
Here is the why behind Sage and Savvy Marketing.

I started Sage and Savvy Marketing six years ago at the urging of my friends who are small business owners. As someone who received an M.B.A. in marketing in the eighties, I realized marketing practices were evolving rapidly into the online world. I was fascinated by this and eager to learn everything I could.

As I shared with my friends my growing excitement and knowledge about the power of social media and online marketing, they asked me to teach them.  They wanted to apply it to their businesses.  A few of them were hesitant and skeptical because the concepts were foreign and intimidating. We did not grow up with personal computers and smartphones.

Middle aged business owners want to access the benefits of social media and online marketing, but fear often gets in their way. Sometimes it is hard to learn from millenniums who are digital natives and don’t understand that non-digital natives are afraid they will break something. Think back to our early days with computers and how easy it was to wipe out whole databases.

My children were 21 and 24 at the time I began to investigate social media. When I asked them to show me how to set up an account, they would quickly go over the steps and then say, “Got it?”  When I did not “get it” immediately they would roll their eyes.  “Come on”, I said, “I am smart. I know I can do this.  You just need to show me again.”  My assertion was all well and good, but they were not going to take the time to teach me.  Sage and Savvy Marketing was born in that moment.

Social media/online marketing is vital and here to stay.

Need help? This is how I can help you …

  • Assess your current marketing plan and advise which social media platforms would be most effective based on your target market and marketing goals.
  • Teach you with patience and clear instruction how to navigate a particular social media platform of your choice.
  • Administer your social media marketing for you and save you time.

To see a complete list of services, go to Our Services page.

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